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Tips for buying your first riflescope

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Buying a riflescope isn't as simple as walking into an outdoor supply store and picking the cheapest one on the rack. In order to get the best results, buyers should do a little research beforehand. A few things to consider when purchasing your first riflescope:

1. Identify what you're trying to accomplish. A scope should match what a rifle is designed to do.  If you are shooting a rifle made to accurately hit a game animal out beyond 300 yards, you should have a scope designed to pinpoint a target at that range too.

2. Buy the highest quality scope you can afford. In many cases, you get what you pay for. There are many lower priced scopes that can provide a good hunting experience, but if you can afford a better one or save up for another year for something of higher quality you likely won't regret it.

3. Get your scope mounted correctly in solid mounts and rings. Most rifles are pre-drilled for scopes, but if yours isn't you can have a gunsmith do it.

4. Practice! It takes time to get used to the new way of seeing things. Practice shooting your rifle live on a range until it hits the mark you want.

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